Transform the exterior walls of your home with our thermal wall coating available in a variety of colours

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About The Wall Coating Company

Wall Coating Company has been serving central Scotland for many years now. We specialise in transforming old tired looking exterior walls, by converting them to a more pleasing aesthetic look with a wide range of colours. Our coating is applied by our time served qualified tradesman offering a 10-year guarantee.

Specialized Wall Coatings

  • Wall coating is designed to firstly protect any porous substrate for example, roughcast, pebbledash, sandstone, concrete, cement, brick and render.
  • Wall coating is permeable which allows the walls to breathe, eliminating any future condensation, dampness, and mould.
  • Wall coating is also hydrophobic, which means that no wind, or water can penetrate the walls. The water simply just beads and runs off the surface.
  • Wall coating is designed to prevent you from ever having to maintain or paint your house for a minimum period of 10 years.
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Benefits of Wall Coatings

Our exterior wall coating not only improves the appearance of the building, it helps to maintain and protect it long term.

  • No need to Reroughcast
  • Sprayed on, not brushed on
  • The process eliminates moss, lichen, and algae’s
  • No need for scaffolding *(unless over 2storey high)
  • Average 2 - 4 days application (weather permitting)
  • Minimum maintenance

Our Process


Cover all external areas where necessary, for example, all windows, doors, driveways, patios, conservatories.


Fungicidal wash is applied to all walls to remove and reduce future growth of moss, lichen, algae’s etc


Any necessary repairs to the existing walls, including re rendering is carried out to ensure the walls are wind and water tight before applying the exterior coating


Two applications of our thermal exterior coating is applied by spray, all sills, facings etc are then applied by hand


Our fitters will walk round with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the job before clearing up and removing coverings used to protect windows etc.

Customer Reviews

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying…

Thermal coating allows your walls to breathe. Not only is it hydrophobic, but it keeps the water out preventing any deterioration to the internal walls. The self-cleaning element of coating keeps its colour for a minimum period of 10 years.

Absolutely, once applied the exterior coating will make the exterior walls of your home look fresh and newer by eliminating years of dust and grime from the Scottish weather.

The short answer is NO. Normal paint does not have the same quality or properties as thermal wall coating and has to be maintained regularly as it attracts and absorbs dirt and grime. Over time paint gets very dirty quickly and starts flaking off over. With our thermal wall coating product, this is designed to allow your walls to breathe, without absorbing dirt and grime, will never flake, and provides you with a 10-year warranty.

Any porous substrate such as roughcast, pebbledash, sandstone, concrete, cement, brick, and render.

All our customers will receive a 10-year guarantee on completion.